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I write three series: The Loser Mysteries, The Dead Detective Mysteries & the Simon & Elizabeth (Tudor) Mysteries as well as stand-alones that offer readers "Strong Women, Great Stories."
These days I also answer to Maggie Pill, who writes a cozy sleuth series. Maggie is a lot like Peg, just younger, cooler, and funnier.

It's the Weekend, So...Warriors?

1. Who fought whom in Queen Anne's War?
2. What race of angry folk opposed the Star Trek crew in the early days?
3. The battles in Watership Down were between what animal tribes?
4. What bestial race preyed on the Eloi in The Time Machine?
5. What two gangs face off in West Side Story?

1. The French (+allies) and the British (+allies)
2. Klingons
3. rabbits
4. Morlocks
5. Sharks & Jets

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