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I write three series: The Loser Mysteries, The Dead Detective Mysteries & the Simon & Elizabeth (Tudor) Mysteries as well as stand-alones that offer readers "Strong Women, Great Stories."
These days I also answer to Maggie Pill, who writes a cozy sleuth series. Maggie is a lot like Peg, just younger, cooler, and funnier.

Dust! Dirt! Beep-Beep-Beep!

In honor of the road work being done outside my window:
1. Dust: an easy one: Queen
2. Dust: should be just as easy: Kansas
3. Beep: an oldie by The Playmates
4. Detour: another oldie by Hank Thompson
5. Dirt: Sesame Street Gang


1. "Another One Bites the Dust"
2. "Dust in the Wind"
3. "Beep, Beep"
4. "Detour: There's a Muddy Road Ahead"
4. "Dirt, Dirt, Dirt"

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