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I write three series: The Loser Mysteries, The Dead Detective Mysteries & the Simon & Elizabeth (Tudor) Mysteries as well as stand-alones that offer readers "Strong Women, Great Stories."
These days I also answer to Maggie Pill, who writes a cozy sleuth series. Maggie is a lot like Peg, just younger, cooler, and funnier.

Work on This

What work is being done in the songs below?

1. "Workin' My Way ___  ___  ___" The Four Seasons
2. "Workin' in a ___  ___" Lee Dorsey
3. "She Works Hard ___ ___ ___" Donna Summer
4. "(Steadily depressing, low-down, mind-messing) Working at the ___ ___ ___" Jim Croce
5. "Workin' for a ____" Huey Lewis & the News

1. Back to You
2. Coal Mine
3. for the Money
4. Car Wash Blues
5. Living

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