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I write three series: The Loser Mysteries, The Dead Detective Mysteries & the Simon & Elizabeth (Tudor) Mysteries as well as stand-alones that offer readers "Strong Women, Great Stories."
These days I also answer to Maggie Pill, who writes a cozy sleuth series. Maggie is a lot like Peg, just younger, cooler, and funnier.

Monday, December 19, 2016 is a caper novel with a unique cast of characters. It starts when Robin, who's having a very bad day, gets a call from her eccentric neighbor asking for help. It seems he accidentally kidnapped someone--but for a really good reason!
Here’s a pre-order link to the book if you’re curious:

Here's what you might want to know about Peg and her work:

Writes: Mysteries, mostly. There's suspense and death but no graphic violence, sex, or language.

Unique Qualities: In each book/series, the characters have an interesting view of the world. Though single, small-town females who just opened a business is all the rage for protagonists, but I don't find that interesting unless something about their character makes me want to get to know them. So yes, I have some books about small-town women, but the stories explore their character, their relationships, and their personalities along with a puzzling mystery.

Recognition: Authors these days love to tell how they're Amazon Bestsellers and such. I've received those kinds of benchmarks and more, but my favorite thing is when a reader contacts me to say, "I loved that book!"

Current projects: I'm at work on something new that's a little hard to categorize. It's a caper novel (my editor says) that throws together some unique, wonderful characters. If I ever get through the edits, it will be out in the first half of 2017. Maggie is also at work on Sleuth Sisters #5, slated for about the same time. (That should be fun...)

Cutesy facts about me that readers will love:
Hmmm. There's the 22-year-old cat, of course. She's very lovable except at 3:00 a.m. when she wants to lick my hair.


There's my home state, Michigan, which is  lovable as far as looking at nature goes--sometimes. →→→→→→→→→→→

I have the love of my life (well, the last 47 years of it), banging around downstairs as I write this. Here he is buried in granddaughter/granddog.

 And of course I love books, not all at the same level, but still. Here are my personal categories.
 🌟: Don't care about these people: 20 pages max
 🌟🌟: Might care: Finished but no more from this author
🌟🌟🌟: The end is worth working for, but it might take me a while and others books in between
🌟🌟🌟🌟: Oh, I like this one! Bedtime delayed.
🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟: Did I remember to eat today?

A "Good Book" recommendation from my recent reading: .
Currently reading: Mistress Shakespeare by Karen Harper ****

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